About Us


Some people know what they want to do from the moment the first tool is put into their hands.  That's how it was for owner, Nick Barlow.  Woodshop was practically his home in middle and high school.  After being showcased in the Saint George Parade of Homes in 2005, Nick set off to study fine furniture design and making from David Savage in Devonshire, England.  


After studying in England, Nick Barlow signed on with Call's Design in Salt Lake City where he built beautiful custom furniture and cabinets for discerning homeowners across the state.  Later he moved on to Wavell-Huber, making furniture, cabinets, and display cases which can be found in some of the homes of Hollywood elite and retail spaces as far away as Paris.  Starting his own company was the natural next step.

Bringing it All Together

Nick's love of wood runs deep, and he hates seeing so many outstanding trees being fed into a chipper/shredder after removal and hauled off to the dump.  So he bought a portable sawmill so he could give those trees new life as heirloom-quality furniture.  Each time a log is sliced into thick slabs of lumber, it begins a journey to become the showpiece in any home.